Adult Care & Community Development Grant

Welcome to the first Lincolnshire County Council Adult Care & Community Wellbeing Grant Funding programme. Lincolnshire CVS and Voluntary Centre Services are jointly administering this grant on behalf of the  Adult Care team. The funding is intended to inspire building capacity within communities.

Adult Care aims to ensure that investment is targeted to community initiatives which empower and support the most vulnerable residents of Lincolnshire, to remain independent in their homes and communities, whilst offering them increased choice and control.

Adult Care also wants to support activities that strengthen local communities and increase peoples’ support networks and social connections to improve the health and wellbeing and quality of healthy life years for adult residents.

Grants of up to £2,500 are available up to April 2019 for constituted community groups and charitable organisations operating in the Lincolnshire area for new activities and to help with the group’s sustainability.
Groups and organisations must demonstrate that their group / project has a positive impact for one or more of the following client groups:
o Older People,
o People with Learning Disabilities,
o People with Physical Disabilities
o Carers

Projects should also meet at least one of the five outcomes listed below (a detailed explanation of each of the outcomes can be found in the ‘Adult Care Community Development Fund – Background and Outcomes Document’ – see below):
• Information, Advice & Guidance
• Accessibility and Transport
• Social Isolation
• Early Intervention and Prevention
• Health and Wellbeing

What can be funded?
The following are examples of what we can fund. This is not an exhaustive list and may include other costs associated with developing the projects.
• Purchase of equipment and project materials.
• Venue / Room hire.
• Insurance (Up to £200 for groups that have an annual income of less than £2000).
• Publicity materials (leaflets, posters and booklets)
• Disability aids that enable the local community to reasonably take part in your projects / activities such as hearing loops and portable ramps.
• Volunteering expenses.
• Volunteer training costs and capacity building events.
• Hiring (but not purchasing) of a vehicle that enables people to attend your group and activities.

What CANNOT be funded.
• Anything illegal.
• Anything that promotes the use of harmful substances e.g. alcohol, tobacco or drugs
• Anything that will bring Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire CVS or Voluntary Centre Services into disrepute.
• Anything contrary to the Council’s financial regulations or policies.
• Anything that is the core responsibility of a public-sector organisation or local authority.
• Anything that an organisation or local authority has a statutory obligation to deliver
• Projects based/operating outside of Lincolnshire, unless they provide significant benefit to
communities within Lincolnshire.
• Projects or events which are for private gain.
• Support or promotion of local business.
• Events primarily intended to pass on surplus income to other organisations, e.g. charity concerts.
• Revenue costs (salaries, project officer or other employee costs, rents, statutory training etc).
• Projects or events which are currently receiving Lincolnshire County Council Adult Care funding or Managed Care Network funding.
• General appeals or sponsorship.
• Activities of a mainly political or religious nature, including improvements to the fabric of church buildings (non-religious community activities held within a place of worship may be eligible).
• Any activity promoting extremist ideology
• Contingency funds, income deficits, bridging loans or security against a loan.

Applications will be assessed on their ability to:
• demonstrate a wide variety of support to people, especially to those who are currently not involved in community life;
• show that the group and their activities are wanted and needed within their local communities, created by local people and can demonstrate sustainability;
• measure the success and impact of the group / activities on Older People, People with Learning and/or Physical Disabilities and Carers within their local communities.
• contribute to meeting Adult Care’s outcomes.
• demonstrate equality of opportunity and the elimination of discrimination.

To apply to Adult Care and Community Wellbeing Development Fund, your group must have:
• A written governing document or constitution.
• A bank or building society account in the name of your group or organisation.
• Appropriate insurance (unless your group is applying for insurance within the application)
• Relevant Adult Safeguarding and Equality & Diversity policies

LCVS and VCS offers advice on whether your project is likely to be suitable for the fund and guidance to help ensure your application provides all the necessary information.We would strongly advise all applicants to get in touch with LCVS (for Boston, South Holland, East Lindsey and South Kesteven areas) before submitting an application, by email:

or via

VCS (for Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey) by email on:

Grants will need to be spent within one year of the decision to award funding. 80% of the cash award will be available in advance with the remainder payable on completion of a halfway interim report.

Funding Round Deadlines are as follows:
• Friday 19th October 2018
• Friday 18th January 2019
• Friday 19th April 2019

Application pack can be downloaded here:

Adult Care Fund – Application Form – Final

Adult Care Fund – Criteria Application Process and Conditions of Fundi…

Adult Care Fund – Guide to Completing the Application Form – Final

Application Form under review – please check back for updates.