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Voluntary Centre Services have been made aware of a training course entitled Advising with Conviction, which is delivered by Unlock. Unlock is an independent, award-winning charity for people with convictions which exists to assist people to move on positively with their lives by empowering them with information, advice and support , and to promote a fairer and more inclusive society.

‘Advising with Conviction’ is a full-day workshop designed to provide front-line practitioners and advisors with a well-rounded knowledge of how to support individuals with convictions with their criminal records and disclosing them to others. You can read more about the course detail here.

Courses are ordinarily delivered in London and the South of England however bespoke courses can be made available in local areas. Voluntary Centre Services would like to assess the level of interest in this training event and establish whether local groups would be willing to pay for this training.

Using the polling buttons below please tell us whether you are interested in this event.

Would you be interested in attending this event at a Lincolnshire venue at a cost of £120 per person?

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