Age UK Lindsey seeks your support to protect Attendance Allowance

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Do you know about the Government’s proposals to change how Attendance Allowance is managed?

As part of the Spending Review in November 2015 the previous Chancellor, George Osborne, announced that local authorities would be allowed to retain 100% of the business rates collected in their areas, in return for taking on new responsibilities from central government. Then, as part of a consultation on local government finance, the Government announced that this would potentially include devolving responsibility for Attendance Allowance to local authorities.

This means that, instead of individuals being able to apply to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) for Attendance Allowance, they would need to approach their local council to access support. The Government has said existing claimants will be protected so there will be no cash losers. However, councils would have full flexibility on how Attendance Allowance would work in their areas for new claimants.

Age UK strongly opposes the idea of devolving responsibility for AA to councils. At the moment, Attendance Allowance provides a flexible cash payment that can help with the increased and often unpredictable costs associated with disability. As a result, it helps over one million older people with disabilities, enabling many to stay fitter and independent in their own homes for longer.

  • Last year our Information and Advice team assisted in gaining £2,372,371 in Attendance Allowance applications in East and West Lindsey
  • Only recently a  85 year old lady in West Lindsey, who we helped to get AA said “The extra money is allowing me to be independent…..I can now book taxis, afford to fix my boiler and go and see my family”

In its current cash payment form the Allowance not only allows older people to purchase their own low level support, it is also often central to helping families to manage financially when caring for an older disabled relative at home. Given the importance of this issue for older people and their families in East and West Lindsey we would be extremely grateful for your support and backing

Please get your voice heard and support us by following the link below and signing our open letter to the Government.

Attendance Allowance Consultation

The consultation runs until midnight on Monday 26th September


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