Call to action on Post-Diagnostic Support for Dementia Action Alliance


The DAA is embarking on its next call to action, which will look at post-diagnostic support (PDS). Through this survey, we would like to involve people living with dementia and carers to share their experiences of the support they received following their diagnosis, and health & social care organisations to gather their views and experiences on PDS.

Action: We would be grateful if you could fill this in and share your experiences by 27th June:

Survey for people affected by dementia

Survey for health & social care organisations

Survey for Local Authorities.

Focus Group

We are also forming a focus group to help guide the call to action and are looking for a person living with dementia, living in the London or surrounding area to join the focus group. This will involve sharing experiences and information about post-diagnostic support. There will be approximately 3 meetings in London between July-October to help shape what the call to action campaign will be.

Action: If you are affected by dementia and want to be involved in the focus group, please let us know


For further information contact

Sarah Tilsed

DAA | Dementia Action Alliance