ChurchCare Grants

ChurchCare grants are available to support parishes, dioceses and cathedrals in the conservation and repair of historic Anglican Church buildings and their various contents.

Current programmes listed below have a deadline of Monday 14 May 2018:

1. Conservation of Books and Manuscripts
Grants up to £8,000 are currently available for the conservation of books and manuscripts. Historical books and manuscripts, when in the care of the parish, are eligible for grant aid.

2. Grants for Church Plate
In partnership with the Goldsmith’s Company, ChurchCare is offering grants for the repair of church plate to ensure its regular use by congregations. There is no minimum or maximum award level.

3. Grants for Churchyard Structures
Grants up to £8,000 are available for the conservation of churchyard structures. PLEASE NOTE: if the wall, monuments, railings or gates are in a closed churchyard and the responsibility of the local authority they do not qualify for a grant.
Works of a cosmetic nature or soft landscaping are also ineligible for grant support.

4. Grants for Metalwork
Grants up to £8,000 are available for the conservation of decorative metalwork. To be eligible, the object must be of artistic or historical interest.

For further details please visit the fund website here.