Deadline approaching: Comic Relief/Sport Relief

The Lincolnshire Community Foundation continues to manage Comic and Sport Relief Funding for the whole of Lincolnshire (including North and North East).

Small, locally based not for profit groups or organisations can apply for a share of an annual pot of £37,000. The maximum award is £5,000, although the average grant is likely to be in the region of £2-3K. Priority will be given to applications that provide clear evidence of need and a long term impact on people’s lives who are excluded or disadvantaged through low income, rural or social isolation, age, disabilities, race, sexuality or gender.

25% of the annual allocation needs to be spent on projects which increase access to sport and exercise for people who face social exclusion and isolation. The rest can be spent on schemes that increase local services, build skills of local people, increase community cohesion and/or respond to local economic needs. This work can cover a small geographical area such as a housing estate or village, but they will also consider work covering a slightly larger area such as a town or borough where there is evidence of community involvement. A grant will only be awarded where the grant is at least 30% of the project costs.

What will they fund? Community sport activities, furniture projects, projects providing access to benefits advice, projects combating fuel poverty, community consultation exercises, community employment projects, food co-ops, running and project costs, volunteer training costs.

The next closing date for receipt of applications is on 1 March 2016.

For further information contact Sue Fortune at Lincolnshire Community Foundation on (01529) 305825 or email: or visit the fund website here.