Leadership & Management – funded workshop

When: Tuesday 12 September and Friday 22 September 2017.

Venue: Mercury House, Gainsborough.

This 2 day workshop is full of practical opportunities to learn and practice new skills that have enhanced the leadership and management skills of many people.

Aimed at: Leaders and Managers at all levels.

This workshop offers a UNIQUE blend and combination of:

  • Proven tried and tested, Leadership and Management techniques
  • Practical experiences from a successful, Managing Director, Trainer, Coach

We embrace the very successful philosophies and techniques from NLP (Neuro – Linguistic Programming) because they are extremely effective and achieve powerful results, faster!

When attending delegates learn these successful traits and practice them, they achieve the same results, only faster and with less effort!

Workshop objectives & outcomes

  • Leadership – Learn charismatic leadership skills and become a more skilful communicator
  • Communication – Learn what deep rapport is and how to use it and understand the importance of listening to first understand and then be understood
  • People Skills – Be able to interpret body language more effectively and be able to connect with even more people, faster with greater effect 
  • Influencing – How to build trust quickly and effectively, understand what influences others and you 
  • Goal Setting – How to set realistic and achievable goals, reduce your limitations and enhance success 
  • Motivation – Learn your own motivation style and how to recognise that of others
  • Attitude – Learn how to be a much more positive person more often, how to turn negative situations into positive situations and the importance our environment has on our state
  • Beliefs – What limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back and how to change limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs and learn the beliefs of successful people and copy them 
  • Confidence – Increase your self-esteem, transfer your confidence to other people, be able to sell yourself and your ideas at any level and learn what kind of things stress you and how to deal with them

To check if your business is eligible for funding and to reserve your free place please call Charlotte Baxter on 01522 523333 or email charlotte.baxter@lincs-chamber.co.uk.