National Churches Trust – Maintenance Grants

Grants of between £1,000-£2,500 are available for small, urgent maintenance issues or repairs which reduce the need for – and long-term costs of – building repairs to churches, chapels and meeting houses that are open for regular public worship in the UK.

The National Churches Trust was formed in June 2007 after extensive consultation with donors, grant recipients, the Charity Commission and other sector organisations, to fund, protect and support the built heritage of 47,000 churches, chapels and meeting houses throughout the UK.

The Trust offers funding for projects that are in line with the aims of the National Churches Trust which are to:

  • Help maintain the UK’s heritage of church buildings and to enhance their ability to serve local communities.
  • Promote the benefit to communities of church buildings and to inspire everyone to value and enjoy them.

The Trust’s new Maintenance Grant Programme is a pilot programme, in partnership with the Pilgrim Trust, offering awards to encourage churches to act on small, urgent maintenance issues and repairs to listed church buildings, as identified in a recent Quinquennial Inspection Report, condition survey or report by a gutter management contractor.

There will be three deadlines for application in 2017: 4 January 2017, 10 May 2017 and 6 September 2017.

For further information please visit the fund website here.