Newsletter 03 May 2018

Good day everybody,
In the consulting room: a mild case of GDPR (taken from the NHS Network News – via Heather Arnatt of VCS) In which we establish an evidential link between data protection legislation, headaches and depression in general practice……
GP: What can I do for you today, Mrs Smith?
Patient: How did you get my name?
GP: The receptionist told me before she buzzed you in
Patient: I don’t remember giving her permission to share my details with a third party
GP: It’s her job to tell me who you are
Patient: She didn’t obtain my explicit consent
GP: It was probably an oversight, madam
Patient: Madam? Why is my gender relevant?
GP: It may or may not be. It depends why you’re here
Patient: Well, I’ve not been feeling myself recently
GP: I see. I understand you’ve been having a lot of headaches
Patient: And you obtained that information how, exactly?
GP: It’s all on your health record
Patient: Did I consent to this use of my data?
GP: We need the information to treat you
Patient: Where is that made clear in your privacy policy? The receptionist never mentioned it. She just sent me in
GP: She may have presumed that if you made an appointment, came to the surgery and sat in the waiting room for half an hour that you wanted to see a doctor
Patient: You can’t rely on presumption. I should have been given a clear opt-in
GP: Do you want to see me or not?
Patient: That’s my business. I’m not obliged to disclose a preference either way
GP: This is ridiculous. We’re getting nowhere here
Patient: What are you writing about me? I demand to see it
GP: I’m writing a prescription. Take it to the pharmacy and they’ll give you something that will help
Patient: That’s outrageous. The pharmacist may be able to identify me
GP: We’re going round in circles
Patient: What are you going to do about my headaches?
GP: They’re perfectly normal. You’re suffering from a mild case of GDPR. It may seem painful now but you should make a full recovery by early June
Patient: So I don’t need to do anything?
GP: No, just get plenty of rest and try to avoid processing any sensitive data
Patient: Thanks for putting my mind at rest, doctor
GP: Why are you using my professional title when it isn’t relevant to your stated use of my data?
Patient: I’m very sorry
GP: Don’t mention it – you have a right to be forgotten. Would you mind opting yourself out?

MOVE Matters:

A125 Audit You will all know that the project has recently undergone an ESF audit. After a lot of hard work on the part of many partners, and especially the project team, the inspection passed without major observations, which is good for the MOVE Team. However, there were quite a few lesser observations that will need to be corrected and the project team will be highlighting these to partners as soon as the report is issued by the audit team in the next few weeks.

MOVE Reporting Deadlines Please see below reporting deadlines for this quarter.

Period Reporting Requirements Deadline April 2018

  • Financial monitoring spreadsheet, timesheets, payroll evidence, copies of invoices, bank statements, etc Wednesday 9th May 2018 May 2018
  • Financial monitoring spreadsheet, timesheets, payroll evidence, copies of invoices, bank statements, etc Friday 8th June 2018 June 2018

Financial monitoring spreadsheet, timesheets, payroll evidence, copies of invoices, bank statements, etc Quarterly progress report Friday 6th July 2018

Please do not hesitate to contact Ben Barley on 01522 551683 (or ) if you have any queries.

ESF Action Note – GDPR The ESF issued an action note on GDPR on 01 May. It can be reached via the link below and should be read to get a better idea about how GDPR applies to ESF and the BBO projects. le/704535/018-18_General_Data_Protection_Regulation__GDPR__and_ESF.pdf

ESF GDPR Update: Changes To Data Fields: This week the Managing Authority (MA) confirmed the legal basis that they will be using to collect, store and process all of the participant data collected on the BBO programme. This will be the basis of ‘Public Task’, meaning that the processing is necessary for performing a task that is in the public interest or an official function and has a clear basis in law. Alongside updating our data collection forms to be GDPR compliant, we are also making changes to the data we are collecting, either at the request of the MA or because we have decided there is no basis to collect it.

Annex H V10.0 – Participant entry form (aka ‘Onboarding Wizard’) Sexual orientation – We have removed the sexual orientation question completely. Annex L V9, due for release in July 2018, will have no data field for this data to be recorded. In the current annex L, this field can be left blank, and participants do not need to answer this question. Gender – A change to the MA data schema has added ‘other’ as an option for this field. If any participants starting on a project in the window select this option then please wait until 1 July and record them in the V9.0 of Annex L. Title – We have added an ‘Mx’ option to the title field based on feedback from grant holders. If any participants select this option in the window please wait until 1 July to record them in the new version of Annex L. The ‘Cornish’ question – with the agreement of the Cornish LEP this question has been removed and no response needs to be recorded in the current Annex L. Declaration – All references to participants providing consent for their data to be collected, stored and processed have been removed. This is not needed under the legal basis of Public Task. Signing this entry form will not constitute consent to take part in any form of evaluation of the BBO or ESF programmes.

Annex J V8.0 – Participant exit form Policy change – The MA has confirmed that, as BBO is an actual cost programme and payments are not dependent on results, self-declaration of results is acceptable. Annex J and R will be amended in line with this. There is a clearer relationship between the tick box options in Annex J and the fields in Annex L. Length of time unemployed on leaving – The MA has asked to be able to identify participants that exit the programme as long-term unemployed. In order to determine this we need to record the length of time they have been unemployed at the point they exit your project. This data field will be in Annex L V9.0. For any participants exited as unemployed from 25 May to 30 June please do not record their data in Annex L until V9.0 is released.

IMPORTANT -In order to make sure that you are using the very latest forms for the project, please open this link and then create a shortcut to put on your desktop. You can then download the latest version of each form if you need it. Link is

Twitter Hashtag for MOVE #GreaterLincsMOVE hashtag doesn’t appear to have anyone using it on Twitter or Instagram, possibly because very few know about its existence. To make retweeting MOVE related tweets from MOVE partners easier, include the #GreaterLincsMOVE in MOVE related Tweets and then put the #GreaterLincsMOVE hashtag into the search box on Twitter and a list of the tweets with that hashtag will appear. Also use the #BigLotteryESF hashtag. I hope this explains how the hashtag will help, for people that aren’t sure how hashtags work on Twitter (including me). This information was from Jackie Elton.

MOVE Meetings Minutes Because of the amount of work involved in preparing for the audit, we apologise that minutes for recent meetings have taken so long to be written. They have been completed and will be put on to the MOVE website as soon as possible for review by partners.

Non-MOVE Matters:

Employment, Training and Careers Event 12th June West Lindsey Employment & Skills Partnership will be hosting a FREE Employment, Training and Careers event at the Blues Club in Gainsborough on 12th June 2018. Last year this event attracted around 35 exhibitors offering up to 65 job vacancies and Apprenticeship opportunities. Almost 200 people attended the event with some attendees securing interviews on the day.If you would like further information, please contact Amanda Bouttell on 01427 676562 or email: .

Request for Help from Boston College One of our partners is trying to find a course or someone who could deliver a course on personal safety for the BBO projects as they have a few female learners who are interested. They don’t want self-defence just a few breakaway tips to get out of tricky situations, and prevent tricky situations from happening. They have made some enquiries but have yet to hear back. They have also looked on line but not found anything suitable. If any of our partners know of anything that is could fit what they want, then please contact Tracy Spikings, or phone (01205) 365701 6252.

Looking for Information Do you know of any of our partners that offer Dyslexia assessment? Boston College BBO team have a new learner who could do with an assessment but they do not offer them at the college. To get them done privately and have a full assessment is going to be £500 +, which is cost prohibitive. Again, if you can help contact Tracy Spikings, or phone (01205) 365701 6252.

Privacy Impact Assessments GDPR & Data Protection Act Training This is a follow on course for the Data Protection and GDPR update Training VANL have been delivering in the region. The date 11th June 2018, between 9.30 – 4.30 pm If you still require Data Protection and GDPR update training please get in touch with VANL at or phone 01724 845155.

Mental Health Awareness and the Law
VANL will be holding a training course on Mental Health Awareness and the Law on May 22nd 2018, between, 9.30 – 4.30 pm. For more information, get in touch with VANL at or phone 01724 845155.

Universal Jobmatch to be Replaced On 14 May 2018 the Department for Work and Pensions will replace Universal Jobmatch with a new service called ‘Find a job’. The new service will feature: A simple email and password login – replacing Government Gateway Updated functionality and a redesigned account page Streamlined job posting process You will be able to access ‘Find a job’ via and directly through the following url: . NOTE – this url is not yet live and will produce an error message. Please start using this url on 14 May 2018.

Information about Autism Support Jackie Elton, Community Lincs (and MOVE’s Succeeding Together) has let us know about the Grantham Autism Focus Group, they work out of Grantham Jobcentre and their contact details can be found at the bottom of the article in the following link:

Lincoln’s First Countryside Show The city’s first countryside show will take place in the City at Lincoln Arboretum, Sunday 20th May 11.00am-4.00pm. A mini ‘Lincolnshire Show’ in the heart of the City. An accessible and affordable day out for all the family. For more details see the attached posters.