Newsletter for 04 May 2017

Good morning all and Happy Star Wars Day,

The latest MOVE matters and other information for partners.

MOVE Matters

• From Ben Barley:
Please see below reporting deadlines for this quarter.

Period Reporting Requirements Deadline
April 2017 • Financial monitoring spreadsheet, timesheets, payroll evidence, copies of invoices, bank statements, etc Wednesday 17th May 2017
May 2017 • Financial monitoring spreadsheet, timesheets, payroll evidence, copies of invoices, bank statements, etc Friday 16th June 2017
June 2017 • Financial monitoring spreadsheet, timesheets, payroll evidence, copies of invoices, bank statements, etc
• Quarterly progress report Friday 7th July 2017

Also see the  financial monitoring spreadsheet for this quarter (please note that the format of the spreadsheet has also changed). This can’t be uploaded to the MOVE site because of its size, so copy it from here if you need it. For most of you (the project delivery staff, the most important thing to have in your diaries is the ‘Quarterly progress report’ in June, as this is the point when all your client data and evidence needs to be up to scratch.

• Diary markers – The Sharing/Learning event will take place on 27 June, with times, venue, agenda to be sent out to you as soon as they become confirmed. The joint Delivery Group Meeting will take place on 17 July, also with timings etc to be sent out as they become firmed up. Look out for Eventbrite invitations in the near future.

• Just like to reiterate that both Kate and I will commence conducting admin checks in May , so you’ll be getting phone calls or emails from us to arrange meetings. At the meetings, which will be for frontline delivery staff (only one staff member needs to be at the meeting), we’ll be looking at all your paperwork and the MWS files that you have for each of your clients, so please ensure that everything is available. This will help with the quarterly reporting, and also with the quarterly requests we receive from the funders for random checks of named clients’ files – they files must be complete or we run the risk of not being paid for the hard work carried out.

• We are currently going through all staff files for MOVE, and ensuring that we have up to date records of who is working on the MOVE project and corresponding evidence. Please can you provide Kate McGibbon (kate@voluntarycentreservices.org.uk) with an up to date list of all your staff working on the MOVE project, and ensure that we have the following evidence for any new staff members working on MOVE, since the project has commenced.
o Letter of appointment (new staff)
o Letter stating their role is part funded by ESF (for staff not working solely on the MOVE project)
o Job description (for staff working solely on MOVE)

• The minutes for the latest Delivery Group Meetings have been placed in the ‘Latest MOVE meeting minutes’ folder on the MOVE website.

Other Matters

• TaylorITEX CIC Training:
TaylorITEX CIC are commencing a new Working English course, which is funded by Enable, Monday 08 May 2017 at Fenside Community Centre from 09:30 12:00. This course is being held over 8 sessions, a leaflet is attached. The course focuses on improving English and employability skills.
Also, please find attached the updated course list for the Community Learning, that they offer in conjunction with Lincolnshire County Council. If you require any further information or assistance, give the TaylorITEX CIC Administrator, Sarah Channing a call on telephone number: 01205 360800.
In addition, attached is a poster about the Club 18 to 24 Project, which is being delivered by Martin Woods. Martin is also delivering this Project in Spalding, contact him on telephone number: 01205 360800 for further information.

• Universal Credit info:
During the Delivery Group (South) meeting last week, there was a discussion about Universal Credit, and Audrey Cook, of Framework, has sent this information, which may be of use to partners:

Degrees of conditionality
1. Claimants for the basic part of Universal Credit will be divided into different groups:
No work-related requirements – because they may already earn enough or they may not be able to work at all. E.G Working full time or in Support group
2. Work-focused interviews only – designed to keep people in touch with the labour market. This group would include a lone parent of a child between the ages of one and five. E.G Lone parents/Carers/awaiting surgery/SG
3. Work preparation group – claimants need to prepare to move to work or better paid work and may include people with a limited capability for work. E.G part time workers/ Permitted work/ESA WRAG
4. All work–related requirements group – need to be looking for and available to do any type of work, usually full time. There will be concessions for parents of children aged 5–13 (where work hours would be limited to school hours), although it appears there may be concessions regarding work hours for parents who care for children aged 13–16, too. E.G JSA/ Lone parents with older kids/not scoring enough points at WCA.
There will be a three-month period where claimants will be able to look for work in a specific area and at a level of pay they have previously had, after which they must be willing to accept anything?
For further information on Universal Credit, I’ve attached the following links which might give additional help: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/universal-credit-toolkit-for-partner-organisations and https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/universal-credit-an-introduction/an-introduction-to-universal-credit

• Volunteer Card Training:
Free Volunteer Card Training is available for those 19 and over who are seeking employment in the East Lindsey area.
You will receive FREE training in 6 subject areas that are essential to volunteering:
o Good Practice Standards
o Health and Safety and Personal Safety
o Equality and Diversity
o Safeguarding and Confidentiality
o Customer Care
o Live Well
The first course is taking place in Horncastle over five weeks starting on Thursday 4 May 2017.
For further information about further courses please contact Children’s Links: lvc@childrenslinks.org.uk or call 0845 373 0645.
Please note that places are limited.

• Voluntary Centre Services training:
A range of VCS-run training events and forums are available at this link: http://www.voluntarycentreservices.org.uk/latest-training-bulletin-voluntary-centre-services/

That’s it for this week, and ‘May the fourth be with you’ 