Newsletter for 06 April 2017

The latest MOVE news and information for partners. I appreciate that it’s a substantial newsletter this week, but there are a lot of things that you’ll need to be aware of. Please read on:

ESF Networking Event

Please follow this link to an ESF networking event hosted by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP. The event will take place on Friday 21st April between 1.30-3.30pm at The Bentley Hotel, Lincoln.

The networking event is aimed at people who want to find out about the current European Social Fund delivery activity, in the Greater Lincolnshire area. This is an opportunity to support and promote with work around skills and training, which will be happening through the programme, to support individuals with their own individuals’ skills and training needs. All of the delivery providers will be providing information about their activity, at the event.

European Social Fund – What does the fund support?

The European Social Fund (ESF) is the strand of European funding that supports people into jobs and provides training, and better employment prospects, for those already in work. It supports job-seekers as well as those who are not actively seeking work; young people; people in low paid or low skilled jobs; people who need additional training to progress in-work; and it can be used to improve the relevance of education and training so that it better meets the needs of the local labour market. The Greater Lincolnshire area has been allocated £45m over a seven-year period. In order to bring forward projects for delivery, our local ESF allocation requires match funding at a rate of 40%; so around £26m in total. Three national organisations are providing this match funding, because the area has chosen to ‘opt-in’ to their match funding proposals. These include:

 Department of Work & Pensions – providing support and mentoring to unemployed individuals, to move back into work

 Big Lottery Fund –helping individuals furthest away from the labour market to make steps towards employment. Provision includes: 1. considering employment options 2. engagement into learning 3. money and debt advice

 Skills Funding Agency – providing skills training and qualifications to individuals who are in work and who are also unemployed. Activity that is covered includes: 1. Skills Support to the Workforce – providing eligible training to employees working for Greater Lincolnshire. 2. Apprenticeship Growth Programme – supporting businesses through the process to recruit an Apprentice and supporting unemployed residents to apply for Apprenticeship vacancies 3. NEET Information, Advice and Guidance – preparing unemployed young people for local jobs by providing inspiration about local jobs and industry 4. Specialist Skills Advisor Network – helping business owners to articulate their skills needs and matching that with appropriate training 5. Industry Specialists Teaching & Knowledge Exchange Programme – supporting businesses to collaborate with local Colleges and Training Providers so that curriculums and knowledge within local training organisations is current 6. Skills Support to the Unemployed – training for residents who are unemployed 7. Greater Lincolnshire Careers and Industry project – developing a local online resource of information about local industry/sectors, helping to change perceptions about skills needs

Disability Rights UK Factsheet F15

Here’s a useful link to a website with some great information and easy guides on benefits (e.g. ESA, UC, sanctions etc) that you and your staff might find worthwhile – https://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/getting-advice

Examination Invigilation Training

As part of ongoing CPD, Boston College is offering FREE training to anyone who is currently invigilating or is interested in taking up an invigilating role. This is open to anyone aged 19 and claiming benefits or in employment or inactive. The training will be held at Boston College on Wednesday 12 April, 10.00am – 3.00pm. If interested, please contact Donna Garrard, by Monday 10th April to reserve your place; call 01205 365701 – ext 6280 or email: donna-ga@boston.ac.uk

Level 2 CIEH Food Hygiene Training – VANL

Are your staff and volunteer training needs up to date? This qualification is valid for three years and is considered best practice for individuals, community groups and small business who prepare and sell food. The next course will be held, by VANL, 9.30 am – 4.00 pm on Tuesday 18 April. Costs are £30 VANL Members, £40 VCS non members, £50 Private Sector and Individuals. If you would like to discuss further please call them on 01724 845155.

Get Fit For Life

You might like to know of a course that’s starting on Thursday 20th April in Sleaford, in case any of your NK participants could benefit from it. NKDC’s Health Trainers are running a FREE 10 week course for 15-20 people who want to:

 Lose weight  Be more physically active

 Learn about food that is good for them and how to cook healthy meals

 Try different types of exercise and change their lifestyleIt runs from Thursday 20th April for 10 weeks, 10am – 12pm at The Source, Sleaford. If you know anyone who is interested then give Debbie Chessum a call on 07733 368676.

Age UK Lincoln and Kesteven

Age UK Lincoln and Kesteven are holding a recruitment drive for people interested in careers in car, on Thursday 13 April, in Sleaford. See the attached flyer for all the details.

MOVE Matters

New Eligibility Criteria Guidance Notes. Jennie is currently compiling a revamped set of eligibility criteria (following updates from the funders), which will include a participant record check sheet. She’ll be sending it out before the weekend, so keep an eye open for it, there are some very important updates that you’ll need to be aware of.

Don’t Forget

Jennie has asked that the Participant Case Studies and the Sustainable Development forms are completed as soon as possible, and then returned to us.

Save the Date

Don’t forget that there are 2 important dates that you might want to put into your diaries, they are: 1. The Sharing and Learning event, to be held at the Showroom, Lincoln, on Tuesday 27 June

2. The Combined Delivery group Meeting, to be held at the ECO Centre in Skegness on Monday 17 July More detailed information, and Eventbrite booking prompts will be sent out in good time for both events.

MOVE Reporting

The MWS reporting issues seem to have been resolved, and all partners should now be able to run reports on your participants. Jennie has produced a simple instruction sheet which explains how to access the report, which covers all of the fields that she has to report to the funder on. It also shows you how to create your own reports, a great way for highlighting any omissions/errors and checking the quality of your output, so please make use of it. Jen will continue to look at files at quarterly monitoring meetings with partners, but due to time constraints it will now only be a sample, rather than all of them (as per this quarter). The funder has twice this quarter asked for a sample of participant files on MWS to be sent over to them at 24 hours’ notice, which some partners have struggled with due to incomplete records. Can we ask again that all participant files are uploaded by the end of the quarter. If there are old versions of documents uploaded (for example, that had to be rescanned with gaps filled in), please delete these as it can be very confusing when a participant has – as in one case – 6 versions of the enrolment form on their file! The evidence that the funder asks for when conducting these mini audits include:

1. Participant entry form (Annex H)

2. Participant progress form (Annex I) – a lot of partners have incomplete versions of this document, missing signatures or just missing it altogether! Please ensure this is kept up to date, both parts 1 and 2

3. Evidence of right to live and work in the UK

4. Evidence of unemployment or economic inactivity

5. Needs assessments or any interventions – feedback from the funder indicates that they would like to see a lot more evidence of activities undertaken by the participants, such as sample course materials, sign-in sheets for course, certificates, outcome stars, ILPs or PDPs etc.

6. If claiming results the exit form and any appropriate evidence (exit form is Annex J)

The Difference Between Unemployed and Economically Inactive

One pattern noticed in this month’s file audits is that many people are under-reporting people who are economically inactive, often relying on individuals’ own assessment of themselves as unemployed. Please check the guidance on the website about this, but in essence if someone is not in employment, not receiving JSA (or the appropriate bits of UC), and/or currently neither actively looking for nor available for work, they are economically inactive. If they are receiving JSA/ UC they are probably unemployed. Where appropriate, please update your files (electronic and hard copy) to reflect these criteria.

Naming of Documents

The final thing to flag up for this quarter’s observations is the naming of documents uploaded onto MWS. Following up on guidance sent out some months back, please ensure that document names are transparent, clearly indicating what it is we are looking at (as simple as ‘signed enrolment form’ or ‘expenses claim 1.3.17’).

MWS – New Forms

MWS is currently undergoing an upgrade, both in the user interface, and the forms it makes use of. Please bear with us during this period, and make sure that you’re using the latest forms (tip – don’t print out lots of forms at once). They are on the website.

Evaluation/Distance Travelled Participant Survey Forms (Parts 1 and 2)

The evaluation team have compiled ‘Evaluation/Distance travelled’ survey forms, to be completed at the beginning (part 1) and end (part 2) of the participants involvement with MOVE. Guidance for partners has been compiled, and is attached, but if you have any questions, then please feel free to contact us. They should be uploaded to the ‘Documents’ area of the participant’s file record when completed. The forms can also be found in the ‘Participants’ section of the MOVE website.

Updates From the Funder

The funders have issued a number of updates to forms etc. While we’ve been able to put most of the new files onto the website (mostly on the ‘Participant’ page), there are a number of Annexes (K, L and O) that are too big to be uploaded, but you should be able to download to your own PC. Use the following link to access these Annexes (you may even wish to put a shortcut to the link on to your own desktop): https://www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/global-content/programmes/england/building-betteropportunities/guide-to-delivering-european-funding

Phew! Now go and have a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Kind regards,