Newsletter 22 March 2018

Good day everybody,

Did you know that on this day in 1963 the Beatles released their first album? It was called Please Please Me, and included tracks such as ‘Love Me Do’, ‘Twist and Shout’, ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and, of course, ‘Please Please Me’. Each Beatle collected a total of £22 and 10 shillings (£22.50) for the 3 sessions that it took to record the album.

MOVE Matters:

• GDPR – All partners should have their own data security policies that comply with GDPR, but in all work related to BBO you will need to adhere to the overarching MOVE project policies. These will be the same for MOVE, Engagement into Learning and Steps Forward. Partners are required to submit their data security policies to their respective project leads by no later than Monday 30th April. Failure to do so will result in payments from the end of April being withheld. Note that there are some GDPR documents that might be of use to you in the MOVE Resources folder on the site. I have also included a GDPR Guide from the Charity Finance Group in the folder, it’s not the only one to have been produced but is a comprehensive overview of what you need to be aware of.

• MOVE Resource Folder – A MOVE Resource Folder has been created on the MOVE site. It contains a number of bits and pieces, including some GDPR documents that partners might find useful. Please check it out, and if you have anything that you think could be of use to the project, then send it tome and I can add it to the folder.

• End of Quarter Reporting – Notes for the end of quarter reporting by partners. This is just for narrative and participant data reporting, and does not refer to financial data. All the documents etc need to be uploaded onto the secure server, in the same way that the financial sheets are. Partners should be looking to send in Case Studies (template attached), Narrative Reports (template attached), and the MWS/Aptem Participant Spreadsheet (partners should see the attached, newly amended ‘How To’ guide on how to create the spreadsheet). Partners are requested to manually add three columns to the right hand side of the spreadsheet, entitled Initial, Interim, and Exit. These columns should reflect whether the participant has completed an initial, interim, or exiting participant survey form. All that is needed to reflect this is a ‘Y’ or an ‘N’ in each of the columns, against each participant.
Common errors that we have found during file checks include:
o Updating the spreadsheet, but not MWS/Aptem. Please remember that the spreadsheet is a standalone spreadsheet, and any change on that document doesn’t automatically transfer to MWS/Aptem.
o Participants are not being exited correctly (e.g. forms not signed, incorrect date)
o Start date is incorrect – PLEASE READ THE GUIDANCE re what the start date should be. This is still the biggest reason for file audit failures.
o Dates of birth – we still find a number of them as 2016/ 2017! Please check before you complete the form.
Remember we have to be able to trust the data – we have to work on the basis that anything on the report is checked and correct. Remove any participant from the spreadsheet and flag up by email if they are on MWS/Aptem but not audit proof. A quick reminder that nobody should be put on MWS/Aptem until you have all of their signatures and evidence, as MWS/Aptem will no longer delete files that are incorrectly added.
This guidance also applies to the Steps Forward and Engagement Into Learning projects.

• Information Security – How secure is information that advisors/project officers take out into the community?
o Have you thought that the information might require encrypted or password protected memory sticks?
o Hard copy files may need to transported in secure, lockable carriers
o Are you aware that home workers should have a lockable filing cabinet/box if participant data is stored at home?
Partners should carefully examine how they transport and store participant’s confidential data when they are away from their offices. Loss of this data is covered under DPA98 and, more importantly, the forthcoming GDPR legislation. Please don’t get caught out as it may cost your reputation and bank balance dearly.

• Funders’ Audit – We can now confirm that the Funders’ A125 Audit visit will be Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th April. This gives us just over one month for partners to review all MOVE-associated documentation and ensure that it can pass scrutiny. The MOVE team will be working their way through partner’s documents, but will also be involved in quarterly reporting for the first couple of weeks in April, so checking your own files will be a great help to the team. The December newsletter from the BBO Resources page has been included to show partners what they will be checking on, and the level of scrutiny.

• Sustainability Reports – This is the final call for partners to return their Year2 Sustainability Reports by 12th April at the latest. Failure to do so will result in withholding of funds in the next quarter. Thank you to those partners who have returned the reports in a timely manner.

• Marketing Requirements – In accordance with the requirements of the BBO funders, we should be holding copies of all of the following, produced by partners:
o Posters that are displayed
o All forms that are used in relation to the project
o Any press articles that have been produced
o Samples of learning materials
o Screenshots of social media
o Screenshots of Partners’ Websites
All of the above should have the correct funders’ logos, and the correct attribution text (see the attached Lincolnshire Joint Marketing & Media Compliance V3 document). Also attached is a Marketing Evidence Checklist A125, which partners can use to confirm they are meeting requirements.
While some partners are diligent in this process, we are aware that a number of partners are non-compliant so request that they check what they have sent to us and fill in any missing items. If preferred, partners can print off the copies and poste them, complete with the form, to the VCS Sleaford office (address at the end of this newsletter).

• MWS/Aptem – We have occasionally been asked to remove certain documents from clients’ folders in the past. This has caused problems at MWS, in that the Aptem technicians have to create a manually written instruction to make it happen. In future, can I ask that partners are more careful when creating documents? The system is set up to store compliance documents, and therefore create an audit trail. Those documents with an ‘X’ next to them can be deleted at any time.

• Delivery Group Meetings – The next South Delivery Group is Wed 25 April, 10.00-12.00 at Boston Mayflower. In a change to previous information, the North Delivery Group meeting will be held at the VANL premises, 18 April, between 10.00-12.00. Eventbrite invitations have been sent out to all concerned.

• Project Management Board – The next date for the PMB is Tuesday 06 June, 09.30-1.00, at The Showroom, Tritton Road, Lincoln. The Board should note that the meeting will include an end of year 2 evaluation update. Please be aware that this meeting will be held in the larger meeting room at The Showroom. We have additional places available so delivery staff are welcome to attend.

Non-MOVE Matters:

• Lincoln Jobseekers Bus Pass Scheme – Access Lincoln is a project which encourages sustainable and active travel in and around Lincoln. They are launching a bus pass scheme for discounted bus travel to and from work – £30 a month for unlimited travel in Lincoln. Alongside this they are also launching a Jobseekers Bus pass for those who have been offered a job in Lincoln but where transport is a barrier for them to get to and back from work. This pass allows them 3 months free bus travel – this pass will be available to apply for from 22nd March. In addition, they also have a Try-A-Bike scheme where jobseekers can borrow a bike for up to 6 months to assist with their commute to work. If you would like further information or would like to discuss in more detail get in touch with Alison Mackfall (

• Taylor ITEX – Please find attached an updated list of courses that are currently being delivered on the Community Learning contract. If you wish to reserve a place for a delegate please give Sarah Channing, Administrator a call on telephone number: 01205 360800.
• Sortified – Gill Collins has signed up to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon on 25 March in order to raise funds for Melanoma UK, a charity which supports patients and families affected by this form of cancer. This is something that Gill has personal experience of, following the sad death of her mum from this awful disease just over 18 months ago. In order to help raise as much as possible, you can go to and put some much needed cash into the coffers of this worthy cause.

• Abbey Access – Carole from Abbey Access will, in May, be taking on the Women V Cancer Ride the Night Challenge for the second time, in aid of Breast Cancer Care, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Ovarian Cancer Challenge. The challenge is to cycle 100km through the right on a circular route, starting and ending at Royal Windsor Racecourse, via Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. It would be lovely to support her, her just giving page is at