Online Letter and Template Generator for the Homeless is an online letter, form and template generator using innovative methods to create a basic, sample template for its users. People can make use of this site to generate documents on the go. Be it a business or personal reason, anyone can create documents or forms simply by logging into the official site through this link.

The sole purpose of this online template generator is to create documents or letters which can be edited easily as per people’s convenience on mobile devices. Lettercrank stands as an easy choice for people who struggle to write letters or business quotes from scratch.

The copywriters from are well-trained in the field of letter writing and they can handle any kind of letter writing samples with various purposes. The professional writers from spend their valuable time for writing sample letters and form; hence people can save both time and effort.

This free web-based service has been extended to focus on helping homeless people write letters and documents requesting:

  1. Assistance for medical care
  2. Job Applications /resumes and cover letters
  3. Letters for requesting support from agencies and charities
  4. Assist in finding homes and shelter.
  5. Any other manner of letter, form or legal style document that could assist the homeless.

The site currently holds over 800 templates has approximately 2000 visitors per day, and offered as a free service.