People’s Partnership for Lincolnshire

The People’s Partnership for Lincolnshire is being coordinated by Lincolnshire CVS and will create a forum for the people of Lincolnshire to engage with Lincolnshire County Council as equal partners.

The People’s Partnership is about setting up Community Engagement for a long term meaningful relationship between the people of Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire County Council.

The pilot project will begin with creating a forum between the community and voluntary sector within Lincolnshire and the areas of Lincolnshire County Council that directly relate to each of the initial 7 Strands:

  1. Carers
  2. Children and Young People
  3. Learning Disability
  4. Mental Health
  5. Older People
  6. Physical Disability
  7. Sensory Impairment

This pilot project will run to March 2016. There will then be an evaluation of how well the partnerships and forum has worked and a decision will be taken on future development

The intention is to develop a Strand Lead for each of the 7 Strands and support them in building on existing networks, or to build capacity of smaller networks and community groups, to have a voice and influence on commissioning and service delivery.

The pilot project is about improving communications to:

  • build capacity
  • share of best practice
  • improve access for/to hard to reach communities
  • promote equality & diversity
  • promote on-going and meaningful engagement and co-production with Lincolnshire County Council.

To go with this brief overview are The People’s Partnership – FAQs and The People’s Partnership – Expression of Interest.

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If you have any further questions please email or call Heidi Haxeltine on: 01476 561798 or