Triangle Trust 1949 Trust – Development Grant Scheme

The Triangle Trust 1949 Fund is a grantmaking charity that offers grants to charities who are supporting those in need within the UK.

The Development Grant Scheme provides core funding to support organisations to implement a step change in their development and therefore build increased sustainability for the future. The Trust is ‘open minded’ on the type of initiatives applicants may wish to develop in order to increase their sustainability.
Grants are available for up to £80,000 over three years with a maximum of £35,000 in year one.

The amount requested each year is expected to taper down as applicants develop other sustainable income streams, for example: £35,000 in year one; £25,000 in year two and £15,000 in year three.

This is a highly competitive fund with a success rate in 2015 of 1 in 14 for rehabilitation applicants and 1 in 20 for carers applicants.

Deadline for applications: 12 noon on 4 May 2017 (carers) and 12 noon on 2 November 2017 (rehabilitation).

For further details please visit the fund website here.