Voluntary Centre Services partners with Smart Energy GB to make sure everyone can benefit from smart meters

Voluntary Centre Services is working in partnership with Smart Energy GB to raise awareness of smart meters, ensuring that people know how to get a smart meter and use it in their home to bring their energy under control.

Voluntary Centre Services will raise awareness of Smart Meters with volunteers, community and voluntary groups /organisations and local people across West Lincolnshire. By utilising its local networks, Voluntary Centre Services will ensure that people get the right information, in the most accessible way, so they can understand and benefit from the smart meter rollout.

Every household will have the opportunity to upgrade to a smart meter, at no additional cost, by 2020. Smart meters will bring an end to estimated bills and show us how much energy we’re using in near real time and in pounds and pence. There are particular benefits for prepayment customers, who will no longer have to top up at a shop or pay a premium for this payment method.

Sacha Deshmukh, Chief Executive of Smart Energy GB said:
“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Voluntary Centre Services. As the trusted voice for
community and voluntary sector, we need their help to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from a smart meter. Our job at Smart Energy GB is to reach everyone in Britain and our partnership with Voluntary Centre Services will make a huge difference to the numbers of people we can reach”.

Ben Barley, Chief Executive of Voluntary Centre Services, said:
“A change that can affect every household is coming, so it’s vital that local people get the right information in the right way so they can understand how it might affect them. That’s why we’re very happy to be working with Smart Energy GB to make sure that the smart meter rollout happens in a way that works for local people and helps to bring energy under control”.

To find out more about Smart Meters and the Smart Energy GB campaign visit www.smartenergyGB.org