West Lindsey – funding available

West Lindsey District Council has a number of schemes open to applications:

The Councillor Initiative Fund allows our District Councillors to make awards of funding to support a wide range of community projects and activities. As locally elected Councillors, the fund allows them to get involved with local work and provide funding to help things happen.

Each financial year our District Councillors are given £2,000 to award to local community projects and activities. We use a simple and easy awards process to enable decisions to be made quickly.

This scheme will close on 1st February 2016

The Small Community Grant aims to help deliver positive volunteer action. Many community organisations have dedicated and skilled volunteers but sometimes need a small bit of money to deliver a project.

This scheme can cover everyday project costs but also costs associated with training, developing and supporting volunteers to continue providing a great service to our communities.

The deadline is the last Friday in each month for the application to be reviewed in the following month.

The Large Community Grant aims to help support larger scale community projects that need more than just small awards of funding. This scheme provides capital funding to help with things like building refurbishments, environmental improvements, recreational facilities and community businesses.

The maximum grant available is £8,000. Up to 80% of total project costs can be funded.

Next deadlines: Friday 18th December 2015 / 25th March 2016 / 30th September 2016.

The Match Funding Grants aims to provide that vital bit of funding that can help start or finish local community projects. The main purpose of this funding is to help secure or attract external funding either from other local organisations or from regional and national funding bodies.

Local projects sometimes need that first bit of funding to help bring in more or need that final amount to meet total project costs and secure funding already achieved.

The maximum grant available is £8,000. Up to 30% of total project costs can be funded.

This scheme is open to applications at any time and will run until March 2018.