Work-based Learning Advocates Network – Give it a Go Day

Voluntary Centre Services is part of the Work-based Learning Advocates (WLA) network in the county, which comprises of a variety of cross sector organisations and exists to promote and develop the concept of learning in all its forms, providing information, advice and guidance in the workplace delivered by specially trained, volunteer staff. The message they convey is simple: learning takes place in almost every setting be it at work, socially or via a more formal route. Every time we interact with others we are learning from and also possibly imparting knowledge to in a two-way exchange.

The WLA network in Lincolnshire is one of the strongest in the country and its success was recognised by an award by the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE), the national organisation for adult learning in England and Wales. The award included £500 to further support and develop adult learning in the county and, after much thought, the WLA members decided that the money should be used to raise awareness of the range of learning opportunities by staging a ‘Give it a Go’ event in the county during Adult Learners’ Week. As key players in the group, Dianne Slapp and Steph Boyfield of Voluntary Centre Services were instrumental in the organising of the event, and the  first Give it a Go day took place  in June last year, with over 220 people attending.

Throughout the day, attendees were able to take part in activities and taster sessions, as well as find out more information on how they could get involved in learning, no matter how informal. As the day such a success, the group decided to host another one in July 2015. As the date wasn’t around Adult Learner’s Festival the event was opened up to include anyone from Year 9’s and upward. Attendees included a local Lincoln school, the Prince’s Trust and the Young People’s Learning Provision, as well as the general public.  Again, Voluntary Centre Services played a large part in making the event happen and look forward to continuing their commitment to the WLA network and its aims.

For more information on the WLA network and Give it a Go day, please contact Dianne Slapp, Lincoln Area Coordinator or Steph Boyfield, Project Officer