Bishop of Lincoln’s Social Justice Fund

With grants of up to £25,000, the Bishop of Lincoln’s Social Justice Fund is open to receive grant applications from groups looking to support local community/church groups from across Greater Lincolnshire.

With the average grant of £10,000 available, groups must be working on projects relating to Social Cohesion, Isolation and Poverty. Projects should be able to demonstrate through their application the need for their project and a commitment to the long-term sustainability for the benefit of the community.

Closing dates: 1 June, 14 September and 1 December 2018.

Grants awarded will not cover general building work, but in the right circumstances funding may be available for some small restoration/improvement work for kitchens and projects working with the homeless and or isolated communities. Projects that have benefited from the fund have included Befriending Groups, and Lunch Clubs working with the elderly. Projects across the county working with the homeless and youth projects in areas of deprivation.

Previously funded groups who have developed and expanded their work are eligible to reapply for further support.

For further information and an application form please contact: Ian Thompson, Lincolnshire Community Foundation, 01529 305825 or email