Newsletter 17 May 2018

I don’t normally write about politics or the military in the opening paragraph of the newsletter, but today I’m going to buck that trend and write a paragraph about a few young men who had the courage and dedication to carry out a daring operation against the enemy of freedom that was Nazi Germany. They did something that had never been done before and led to them gaining legendary status that still fires the imagination today.

On this day, 75 years ago, the free world was waking up to the news that a single squadron of RAF Scampton based, specially adapted Mark 3 Lancaster bombers, from 5 Group, had carried out a raid on selected targets within the Ruhr valley, Germany, – the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams – using a new ‘bouncing’ bomb that had been designed and developed by Barnes Wallis. The raid was codenamed Operation Chastise. Nineteen aircraft, carrying 133 aircrew, left Scampton during the late evening of 16th May and, flying in three waves, headed across occupied Europe towards the targets at a height of just 100ft. One aircraft, O for Orange, managed to get even lower when the pilot (Flight Sergeant Bill Townsend) reportedly flew below treetop height in a firebreak within a large forest. The attacks took place just after midnight, at a height of 60 feet, and resulted in the breaching of the Mohne and Eder dams while the Sorpe, which was an entirely different construction to the other two, withstood the attack when only a section of the upper part of the dam was blown away. The surviving aircraft from the raids began their return journeys and landed back at their homebase from 03.15 in the morning, with the last Lancaster (Townsend’s) touching down just after 06.00. Of the aircrew who took off from RAF Scampton, 55 were lost, either killed in action or captured after they had baled out of their mortally damaged aircraft. But, as Gibson was later to remark, each and everyone of those men were aware of the risks involved and would have willingly climbed into their aircraft again in order to help Europe become free once more. Enemy industrial activity was severely disrupted and not able to return to full capacity until late September of 1943. The bravery of all the 617 Squadron aircrew on the mission reflects the motto of the Royal Air Force ‘Per Ardua Ad Astra’ – Through Adversity to The Stars’. The squadron has since become known as ‘The Dambusters’ and their crest carries the motto ‘Apres Moi Le Deluge’ (After Me The Flood). It is still acknowledged as a specialist squadron within the Royal Air Force, and will soon be flying with the new F-35B Lightning aircraft at RAF Marham, in Norfolk.

MOVE Matters:

 BBO GDPR Update – In our previous BBO GDPR update emails we had advised that the Big Lottery Fund would be joint data controllers with the DWP and lead organisations that were collecting or processing data from the programme for other purposes.
From conversations with the DWP it is now clear that the Big Lottery Fund will not be a joint data controller. The changes that are due to be made to the data collection forms mean that the Big Lottery Fund will no longer collect additional data other than the data needed to deliver the ESF programme in England. This means that the responsibility now sits with each lead organisation to determine if they are a joint data controller with the DWP. If as a lead organisation who are collecting additional participant data or processing the data for your own purposes, then you will be a joint data controller with the DWP. In this case you would need to prepare your own Privacy Notice, taking guidance from DWP and ICO. The DWP have released Action Note 018/18, available at, which has a useful Q&A briefing on the GDPR and ESF. We strongly recommend that you read this Action Note. Importantly this includes the address where the DWP will publish their updated Privacy Notice ( which will cover the personal data collected for the ESF and BBO programmes. Current advice from the DWP is that they will be adopting a going-forward position for the updated privacy notice. This means that the Privacy Notices only need to be issued to participants that join or leave your project from the 25th May. There is no need to issue the updated Privacy Notice to participants that have already joined or left your project before this date.

 We are still awaiting the new Annex H to be issued by the funders. When it is issued we shall have to arrange for MWS/Aptem to transfer it to their system. When this happens, we shall probably have a period of a couple of days where we’ll ask everybody not to enrol anybody on Aptem, but rather to do it on paper copies temporarily, and then to transfer it to Aptem when the new form is ready for use. MWS have been informed about the imminent arrival of the new form and will make sure it is created with the minimum of time and disruption.

 There is to be a new enrolment handout across the countywide BBO projects for clients, that explains GDPR. This is in response to the A125 audit and will be issued by the end of the month. Partners will be required to scan the signed handout into their client’s files.

 Again, partners are being asked to check their client files for accuracy and completeness. During the recent A125 audit, we found that hardly any of the files we looked at were up to scratch and we had to do a lot of work to bring them up to a standard that were acceptable to the funders’ audit team. The project team will be instigating remote, random checks within the next reporting quarter in an effort to make sure that every file is ready for the potential A127 check that is expected before the end of the year. We can’t stress the importance of accuracy and it could be that any shortfall will result in clawback of funding. Partners are asked to pay particular attention to older documents as this is where the majority of errors are found.

 Again, from the A125 Audit, partners are asked that any receipts that are scanned should be certified. Historical receipts will also need to be certified, although not rescanned. This can be done gradually and combined with the client file checks (as above).

 Partners may have noticed that the MWS/Aptem system has been slightly awry over the last couple of days. I have been informed that the system can now be used to upload and correct clients’ details.

 The long awaited guidance has been released from the Lottery clarifying the 1720 hourly rate calculations going forward (attached for information). The main points to note from the change in guidance are as follows:

o Hourly rates will be fixed for all members of staff working part of their weekly hours on the project. o Hourly rates will be set at the 1st April 2018 (calculated using the previous 12 months salary costs) and will be used for the financial year 2018-19. o Once hourly rates have been set, payslips and payroll evidence will not be required on a monthly basis but must be retained and submitted for future recalculation and audit purposes.

Please note that we will calculate new hourly rates based on the payroll evidence we currently have for each member of staff on the project. We will therefore be in touch if any further evidence or clarification is required. ACTION: The new guidance requires us to account for the £3,000 employment allowance within the hourly rate calculation. Please could you therefore confirm if you received the employment allowance in 2017 and if so, how many employees were employed within your organisation in April 2017? Please do not hesitate to contact Ben Barley if you would like to discuss further.

Non-MOVE Matters:

 Free online training courses covering a range of subjects are available, via the VCS website, to third sector organisations. Details can be found by following the link .

 V:Expo Lincolnshire is a high profile event promoting innovation in volunteering to volunteer managers across Greater Lincolnshire. The 2015 and 2016 events were attended by more than 100 volunteer managers from across the Greater Lincolnshire area. 2018 sees the return of V:Expo, but this time with a local focus! VANEL, VCS and LCVS will be delivering a trio of events across the wider county, covering North, Central and South areas, taking place during national Volunteers’ Week 1-7 June 2018. The events cover the themes of Youth, Digital and Innovation, respectively. Events are tailored to volunteer managers, offering the opportunity to network, share ideas and insight, and celebrate some amazing projects from across the sector.

In a world where digital is becoming default, it can be hard to find the time and energy to keep up with the changes, and find the right tools for your organisation. That’s why Voluntary Centre Services have dedicated their V:Expo Local 2018 event entirely to “Giving you time for digital”. Date is 01 June, 9.30am-2.30pm, at The Venue @ Navenby, Grantham Road, Navenby LN5 0JJ. Lunch will be provided. The event costs just £10 and will feature a range of talks and speakers from Lincolnshire and beyond. Stall holders are welcome at all events. Booking for all ticket types is via Eventbrite.

 The Lincolnshire Community Foundation still has £30,000.00 to give to projects in Greater Lincolnshire that help young people become active in their communities from the #iwill campaign. Grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 are available. Closing dates for receipt of applications are on 1 June and 1 October 2018. The fund is open to registered charities, constituted community groups and other charitable organisations, but statutory organisations aren’t eligible to apply. For further information, or to have a chat about a prospective application or to obtain an application form, please contact Sue Fortune, Grants Director at the Lincolnshire Community Foundation – t. 01529 305825 e.

 Lincoln College now offers free distance learning (level 2) to people who are eligible.